Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Cook It Up Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Cook it up, Spooky, Salute, Look
‘Zook’ll hook it up to shoop the local Wendy Cooper loopy
Low brow, low brim, she asked me, What’s the name?
I flashed the grossest fang in show biz
Young Valkyrie’s open, What’s yours?
Um, Jenny, um…
body clocked in a ten-penny sum
Sprung colossal, miss, may I process your Pentium?
But Ae is hesitating, My princess,
The pigeon holing roles that your predecessor’s lunacy in the kismet
Her eyes googled back as that of one unfortunate breed
Plus a new kink in the posture
Just don’t get all barnacley
Or Get P.T. Barnumed in 3D THX sound stereo dismissal
Sorry hun, it’s just the last few have been a fistful
Like, like, them girls you bump into out dumb luck
get high innocently kiss once when she’s punch drunk
Watch her misinterpret the moment tongues touch
Crazy Miss Cling-a-lot claim instant one love
And you gotta beg your friends to take ’em off your hands like thumbcuffs
Or them barbies you’ll vibe for a sexy second (lovely)
Give it a month Hyde Heckles Jekyl and she makes Hitler look cuddly
But Jenny in the sky with emerald eyes
You’re so different, so delicious, so the fish
I’d be willing to walk the limb with!
So let’s just get a few things out the way: (okay)
I’m clinically bonkers and hate just about everyone God’s great earth offers
I won’t be getting dressed up to impress your family, dear
And if I can’t wear jeans and sneakers then I won’t be lamping there
Nope, aggro-pimp, sinfully, finicky nova, back it up no-diggity soldier
Magic-touch fingertip donor
Own up to your dirty debutant animalistic instincts
Ritual courting dance and breeding behaviours (like what?)
Like, I dream of Jeannie and fucking her obscenely
But Jenny could be Jeannie so easily if you’d let me
Hell, the bad tact daddy-o Merlin– ‘e’ for effort
Most of these high-post Fabio world motherfucks make my head hurt
Dead up– I got death in the skull but you’ll get used to it ma
Dinner and cinema, yes, just cough the bread up
Sure, he schleps with naked pockets but I carry dreams
Like I wanna be an astronaut after you marry me
You’re rushing this I feel smothered it’s crowding me awfully, dolly
I love you, Get the fuck off me! Sorry. (Call me)
And I’m circling her like a tiger shark frenzied but friendly
I’m cool, how you feeling Jenny? (Jenny) Jenny (Jenny) Jenny
So quiet, ooh I like that, so mysterious, I dig it
The way you haven’t made eye contact with me once in ten minutes
I’m just saying girl, I’m dirty-dog raw vintage mixed with mega-low society
Mister gutter-fuck etiquette, try me
So there it is.. game. I mean it’s not like I’m sweating you
‘Cause when it comes down to it, most y’all females are the same
But now it’s your turn baby, spit it out
Okay, she punched me dead in the fuckin mouth and walked away

Watch out ladies cause you know he don’t love ya
Bazooka Tooth is one bad motherfucker
He’s a low life pimp with a low life game
He needs a no life dame with a strobe light frame

Cook it up now..

No ring on the finger
There ain’t no strings attached
But if you love television and
manic depression
Get a carton of cigarettes
And we can make it happen
Get to mackin’
Just leave your bag up on the curb with the trashcan
It ain’t like I seen you in maxim
Relax with the tap dance
Lights, camera, lap dance

Cook it up now..


AESOP ROCK Super Fluke

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Super Fluke Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

I skunk the blood up as to numb the public interface
Before the anime corrodes I’m trying to fork the figure eights.
Hogwash etiquette, truncate long haul leverage picket.
Out built auto-bricklayers with 10 guerrilla digits.
A the Don Darko bark O beautiful pirhana gossip, cobwebs on the Kafka.
Choke up on watcher logic with a left-center field indicator gestured gently.
Smash when the 101-octane hemlock tea pumps chest to extremity.
And phenom limp it to the wicked recon.
Prowler fist up with a Bowser twist vs. America’s kooky coward clips.
Pump breaks, cupcake. I melt through the father formula.
Goofus merked Gallant, the missing link was apparent.
Drugstore cowboy, hold floors and grudges, fuck the Judy piece while Elroy burlge space cakes out the cupboard.
I could kill a cockroach with only Wallabies and rug burn, pin ’em down and funnel up boric acid chuggers if stubborn.
Mash jackals. Hacks flash Bedazzlers. Capture flags and crash test happy campers.
For the typecast ponies grazing through the weekend ring alarms with bassy kicks that flip whips on the Major Deagon.
Out of dodge nauseous.(I don’t feel good) Yo El, leave the keys to the Delorian with Lauren at the office.
I peak the 88 streak off with a fiery disposition and basic serotonin deficient symptoms.

Alpha uno compute. Motor mouth askew at the root.
Brick house, huff, blew the roof.
Please don’t feed the bazooka tooth, evolution super fluke…

With a kiddy pool full of warm milk, Nyquil and powdered Ammbiene they found him, trying to drown sheep and count ’em.
The rowers keep rowing. Pachyderm tranq dart blowgun pressed to the nape of the neck only spent 12 seconds frozen.
Marathon eye-opener most likely misinterpreted, ‘cuz one bad night before the big briefing ain’t breached the surface yet.
Holler dirt merchant… echo out Brooklyn, where the women are beautiful and the vagrants piss crooked.
This is the sound of one man getting high with one hand in a forest with a tree falling alone… ya heard?
Cut rugs to it. Me and my leaky budget nickel-bribe the judges just as a beautiful goose egg motif’s adorning the panel’s judgment.
(Overnight Biggies) Overnight Biggies plunk quarters into an A R Zoltar while the incubated fade collar pop folklore in effect.
Now they want to mitigate the gusto, that’s like asking the cast of Watership Down to fuck slow.
Homogenized carnies.
Voodoo lullaby placebo collide zombies.
Blazing R B sucker pop lolli fuck spoon futile cartoony maneuvers to soothe roosters.
Doctor I’m having headaches and pink slips in my locker. My agenda needs a walker. (Hey) It’s better than Cats!
See a grown-ass-man decay to red worm food in house fly years while y’all stable, like all aspiring actors waiting tables.


So I line ’em up and ask ’em flat… wanna de-worm the belly of this? Orphan bloodlust or timidity?
Solidify. Widdle I Aes millipede uncivil. When Millie pulled the pistol that tore the vanilla sky across the middle.
A billion little crimson pinholes sweat on vintage quill venom developed by a fatal blues anthology.
Communities on cue bury their ostrich beaks.
Thought it was carnie mirrors ’til the cold morning stunk the stink of obsolete heroes.
Hyena for the sci-fi, God barter non for hyphen.
Promo charted phobia specific violence like a 50 foot Bob Barker deployed to incinerate New York, which in a way’s more scary than thermonuclear war.
I got my tongue down Karma’s throat. Half a dozen spy cams rigged up in blackmail science.
Swamp rats back off a destiny that fucks her clients hence the riots.
You lose, she knew about the tapes and asked for my assistance to clip the biased.
Lucky sevens buddy up for mass taxidermy. Some burn facts and secure camo to past.
I’m open bodega with ankle anvil pre-shackled out, cancel hackers backwards ’til the death tarot and rains collabo.
Hope’s a broken arrow stabbing blind through the fog in the log cabin, which gathered and hasn’t budged since 9/11.
Give him a couple close friends, a women in his old bed while he waits. He’ll hug it all with no plans to escape.



AESOP ROCK Limelighters

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Limelighters Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

[Aesop Rock:]
Pain cave uno
Smokin’ a broken Blue Note
Tar pit escape artist carcass, linger in the blue doze
Rose radio Lazarus via linear bark screaming
I’m back to kill the video star and I’m double parked

[Sonny Cheeba:]
You can kite this or yet maybe baby you won’t
Corvette, green Mercedes, steady one hundred four
When I’m stuntin’, simply stunnin’, funkin’ with twenty monkeys
They can be like I’m talkin’ about WE
Slap that orangutan, drop her on her knees
Please be very cautious, the funkin’ makes me nauseous
Hate the Bogota, the target it ain’t off it’s…right here
And the volume’s on three

[Geechi Suede:]
See, we keep the black plastic stuck in the elastics
Even Chevy’s heavy hallows lift you higher, legend has it
White crows crossing broken bridges
double deucy clickin’ but the round never runnin’ out
Pounds of your blood just comin’ out

We Limelighters
Up until the uglier unplug me
We limelighters
Kill it now, fade to black comfortably
Spark the dynomite till the limelight’s gone
As far as I can see the limelight stays on
And on and on and on
The limelight stays on and on and on
The limelight stays on and on and on
The limelight
So we got something built if we all die tonight

[Sonny Cheeba:]
She piss champagne and shit caviar
Don’t watch the stars, the stars ain’t fallin
Any sight of glimmer…Lo
Shimmering king, spring, they’re tremb-ling

[Aesop Rock:]
OK, the web (web) spread (spread) from Brooklynites to born in barn kittens
Who’s gimpy half step hid behind Noah’s Arc systems
Inconspicuously clustered with the boas, sharks and pigeons
Like Zoo York won’t clock them rusted crutches up mopping the ship deck
Texas hold ’em pocket ace investment
Totem altimeter tiki torch it
Freak abort, fold or hold a cold cell in peak enforcement fortress
That’s a sheep corpse who under penumbra turned tail like a sea horse

[Geechi Suede:]
We got that…permanent ink, that’s stainin’ the paper
Murderer’s drink steamin’ my soul, I’m breathing green vapors
We them last of them falcons that’s soarin’ beyond your altitude
Please show us some gratitude, we’re carvin’ your grave for you


[Aesop Rock:]
16 D batteries (back it up)
See the halflings flee the Shire before he tore open the packaging
Plus, minus, in proper Panasonic alignment
Pseudo Pliskins O.D. on kick drums
Snake, escape THAT environment

[Geechi Suede:]
Wave that colt .44
Bolts of ligtning with Travolta grease
Strip your skeleton, it’s swelterin’ inside Miami Heat
Your fishnet and red vette are sizzling
Shoot through chocolate city
Wonder Woman went whistling
Freeze, presidential sleaze with Egyptian cuts
Valentine Ave., Jack Daniels out of them plastic cups
Winter white pinstripe lookin’ Hugo
Poison Ivy out the windpipe blowin’ the crucial

[Sonny Cheeba:]
First they line up
We’ll divide them
SUEDE get the roscoe, then design ’em
AESOP Rock box, drop the hot rod getaway car
And head up the rock highway



AESOP ROCK No Jumper Cables

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK No Jumper Cables Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Burn train buffers
My fancy
Up jumps the boogie delivering eye jammies
Walk through the muck with a clutch on a trident
Never give a fuck how far Pi went
You are dealing with a reborn icicle age poltergeist

Uprock, sidewalk cycles stuck at the bus stop
Wookie foot must not sleep
Under the invaders
No batteries
No jumper cables

Wired underagers play box cutter facelift
Rock utter makeshift spirit
To y’all I’m just a funny moniker with a couple of fresh records
And a bangin’ hand style to put the jukies On the guest list

Walk for that
Metal train graf brainiac
Walk for them
Not a limelight
more to blush alizarin crimson
when the multi million
Tin men suck traditional rituals
Out the homes of starving children
And I bet they can see the city bleeding from the satellites
Formed by the corporate war drums recorded poorly
Dirty dub vamp.
Bruised by the hues of wicked pallets
Chewed by the tooth of livid maggots
Dino DNA and cola, straight no chaser
Mars attacks colorfulness
I piss raptors on motherships

Hazy days will stay purple
Cause Cips with a Z bargain
Like Crazy Eddie commercials

network with a dirt devil
Burn train buffers.
Cute the way your little parasol spins.
Suck my Neanderthal dick.
Catapults spit.
Losing the screws and bolts
and all they heard’s crews gulp in bulk and sulk in volts
Radio m-m-m-m-mayhem, fine.
Suicidal eye full of plastic nine.

No batteries [etc]

Come on

Jump motherfuckers
No batteries
Jump motherfuckers
No cables

They only came to buff the name stuck the train
That’s a textbook page
for my seed up in flames

Jump motherfuckers
No batteries
Jump motherfuckers
No cables

Curators cater to killers of innovators
I’m a staple
No batteries no jumper cables

Choke train buffers like a headlocked Ed Koch
Nurture the craft of concrete visionaries
Cave painters screaming Loosen the cuffs!
Cave paintings get the natural history feather dust
Pick a lust.

Limo tint stretch delorian chrome sittin on twenties
Then I walk to the stouge, burning my laundry
Lo Pro, fucked up jeans back at the party spinning Kane meets Flight of the Valkryies in a heartbeat.
Saber tooth, catalog, city art, liturgy
Ranger Ricks endanger the clique maximum efficiency
And isn’t that dope?
The line of blind winged Pygars and how they wallow planks into the matmos.
Binder bibles and a graphite prison violator
with Joshua for the war gamer systems.

Now the architects are rioting cause we built something different
I’m like how the fuck sure shot evolution not my business?

My elephant television was on.
Grape soda, Grape ape, Great space coaster,
DnD, GI Joe, Transformer, Herculiod, ThunderCat, Voltron, Speed Racer, Space Ghoster.
Kiss the flickering images with Carroll Ann fingertips,
C-4 to four chamber skips,
Ohh shit…

They say his eyes were spiraling back when he hit the mat
Woke first words: Oh it’s like that?
Started bendin spoons and rippin arrows outa lady hawks
With a C3P unit tryin to interpret the baby talk

Burn train buffers
Right turn woulda missed the iceberg, fine.
But you don’t like our kind. Do you?
Junkyard Dog. Hot tin roofs cradle kittens with them sub par flaws.
Rappin is my radio, graffiti is my TV.
B-boys keep them windmills breezy.

Jump motherfuckers
No batteries
Jump motherfuckers
No cables

They only came to buff the name stuck the train
That’s a textbook page
for my seed up in flames

Jump motherfuckers
No batteries
Jump motherfuckers
No cables
Curators cater to killers of innovators
I’m a staple.

No batteries no jumper cables

Jump motherfuckers
No batteries
Jump motherfuckers
No cables

They only came to buff the name stuck the train
That’s a textbook page
for my seed up in flames

Jump motherfuckers
No batteries
Jump motherfuckers
No cables
Curators cater to killers of innovators
I’m a staple.

No batteries no jumper cables

Don’t get cooked by the pilot light
I can smell metal in the air tonight
I can smell metal in the air tonight
I can smell metal in the air tonight
Don’t get cooked by the pilot light
I can smell metal in the air tonight
I can smell metal in the air tonight
I can smell metal in the air tonight



Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Easy Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

I take it Easy

[Verse 1]
Upside down, I pick wigs for beetles
Pry ’em out and pin ’em to the polar of the see-saw
Sofa cobra shimmy out crater
Cradle my weight in double wishbone suspension
Versus AM clock radio bangers
Downside up in cripple acres and still the fountainhead
Spittle sniglets quicker than quidditch seekers snatch golden snitches
You could be a part of it
Just park your bark at 20 paces
Hold this target and we’ll call this bitch a partnership
Man, the city bred the brittle cheapo
Little Lego people squeezing little Lego Polaroid in keyhole
Media breather needy burrow to hide all
While you friends and neighbors press stethoscopes to the drywall
Curl a worm tongue tight, bitten behind the vamp chopper foaming
Lamb choppy sock puppet fear and loathing
Need phoners a.s.a.p. to build careers out of misquoting
So I read Aesop interviews and get schooled on my own motives
It’s a pocketful of nickels, like Cool Hand Luke decapitating
Parking meters when the pigs blew the whistles like windmills
I went to jail overnight for putting a sticker on a phone booth
Now in the time that you did the paperwork
How many’d the rapists merk?
Panicky banister silver surf over the wobbles where the potholes
Be the ulcer in the stomach of the God show
You blinded by the light you might just plummet through the cosmos
Meet Apollo sandman function before the whore hit the high note

I take it easy, the ice is thinning in the valley of the jeep beats
And when the freaks come out I hug a TV
Somehow a channel zero bender’s less creepy, it’s bliss
Repeat with a twist…Easy
When every martian in the market holler feed me
The all city opinion spicket leaky
You learn more when your mouth piece retreat, it’s bliss
Now listen to this…oh OK
All day every day, oh all right, all night every night

[Verse 2]
Whose capitain gon’ spew stale venom? Not mine…
I hug a hammock in the bedlam
And when the potentially lucrative race horse gets deaded
I’ll wake up for a second to help the betters count their blessings
But I cannot cratchet crutch the Ebenezer limbs much longer
Flaccid flimsy songbirds, classic dizzy wrong turns
For the long term got a dragon all achy
Torn between the lending of a helping five knuckles
And a charter your own escape
Now it’s like, sufferin’ succotash, bucko, ducks in the chuckle patch
10-4 on that, stinger opinion, wingman double back
Fuck it, Let him roam the home of the mange ridden emaciated
Slave pain cave children game
Not all players heal the same, learn it or don’t learn shit
My radio is on regardless
I tune out pardons and tune in starlets
Carbon and pre-David/Goliath live Paleolithic bias
Who walks on all fours dragging the cadaver of King Midas
Now it’s Thor dwarf war hammers, Elvin bow and arrow aimers
Documentation of the rate at which narrow tapers
Hermit crab, honest cat, trying to raise the roof in my own TV room
And still get the security deposit back
Call Ripley, skippy, motorhead dope fixture on some go to bed no dinner
Hold your head cold winter
Ease up out of the ghastly, desert dozer cliques stranded on cloud 8
Proud of their pogo sticks, I stay left
Along came a spider, sprung and alert, I stay def
He makes records with his tongue in the dirt
Suffer the dirty earth crisis with a license to flirt
Buffer the mighty tighty sequins with a price on the mersh
Covert Mr. Blizzard shoulder, he always acts all pissy
Plus your friend said I was an asshole when he met me
No bad moods aloud when you’re in the public eye
Kill it, you are the weakest link, goodbye



AESOP ROCK N.Y. Electric

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK N.Y. Electric Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

[Verse 1]
I cut the ropes, breathe fresh puddles of pigeon blood and smoke
Load bazooka, scope the culprit hulks over a broken hookah
Got rebel camps with siphons amped to cookie cut the wattage
Electric ilk NY raised on b-movie sluts and gossip
Condition the bodega rodent moment composure
To echo numb and uncommon, dumb monkey pollen
My 23’s lean over a cobra motor milligram bender
Novelty, I tip lids prior to clipping the comradery
Check the muck out, When metal maggots burrow in Promised Land vein division
I tug my brim down over my stigmatism
Lo-pro, Paxil Rose, axel broke and butchered
Last catapult standing in a land of coke and hookers
It’s King Kong potluck, no parking for rickshaw loads of sock puppets and sitcoms
Just Krylon pigs bred in a hot boxed wigwam
Serotonin deficient teens demonstrate ease in the modern day uzi purchase
The foundation of their alacrity makes the umis nervous
Me? Oh I check the newest murals to see whose still bombing this fucker
And um….respect, find out what it means to me
New York, walk blocks with electric ninjas who bark bounce for trunked out whips
Like my company Delorian’s the shit
Skipper’s out of happy pills again, he’s in the neighbors garbage
He’s making paper dolls decorated with targets
He’s labeling the dolls with the names of shitty rap artists
Then tearing out the still beating heart from from the loose-leaf carcass
I ordered a hovercraft off the back page of an Archie comic
Built it in three days to float above snarky comments
My gills call the East River rock bottom home with three-eyed guppies and seahorse mutations
See New York is ancient Rome basic, basically stone faces
My friend jumped off the Empire State Building while I hung with 10th grade head cases
Some of them will blossom famous, some of them will blossom base heads
But they all rep rivets in the die-cast metal Voltron cadence, what!?

N.Y. Electric, catalog, burners, pigs, magnums, crack, bag lady, roach bit, pristine kicks
Threading the iris of the needle. just for my people
Im’a thread the needlem just for my people
Breaker 1-9, 9-11-01 witness, maybe you don’t get this

[Verse 2]
Kill ’em all slow, I was on a serious tree bender with my hands up at a C-Rayz-Walz show
Nether-citcuit bacon don’t police me anymore, your trained professionals demonstrate
41 shots over par
Least common denominator raise truth like Charlie, Willy, and Gramps
Raise roofs in a glass
Wonkavator, monster maker
Operate wild by the company of unturned stones and litter
Talk his way out of a sunburn and be home in time for dinner
Paid dues since before the days of bad acid and Quaaludes
While the boombox talks trash to the richter
Stalking awkward with a zip lock on the pill hole
Bitter fucker, nothing is free, I’ll spend my last dollar on me
Put one up for my family, should’ve made time to thank ’em
Put one up for my crew, for recognizing the sanctum
Put one up for the socially broke, choked and smokey
New York piss hiss bleed dolby, homey



AESOP ROCK Bazooka Tooth

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Bazooka Tooth Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

[Verse 1]
Diamond cutter spine
Armadillo armor that bends around the blades
Bugs in the beard
Ebony in the lungpiece
Bricks in the Timbs
Bazooka in the tooth that he’s flashing at your friends
This is the lifestyle, baby
Know and sip the recipe
Not a single innocuous side up in the centerpiece
Oh my god
Journalists across the globe are officially critiquing my first eight bars

[Verse 2]
Piety for the fam, embargo piggybackers
Navigate sim-city backwards
Bazooka Tooth, baby!
Zephyrs less dextrimental expect to tone down terrordome for starter crews
Like jousting Pompeii with a garden hose
If you wake up to the sound of helicopters bumping Wagner
It’s bodycast to Pilates class
Buckle in the Bronx back alley batting cage with bottle smacks

Drag them prophecies, be them celestine or Mothman to the bumper boat monster mash
See, the pristine kittens fiddle with new yarn
Decrepit sickly dogs get shot behind the barn
One shan’t put in long hours like Tim Leary’s lava lamps
To be second headlined under the boy born with lobster hands
Isolated, biological phenomenon
First nocturnally orchestrated car alarms
Y’all sketch portraits of your neighbors, tack em up without fail
See a robored pitchforks and alligator tails [?]
Offical Max Fischer Blume break cable clipper (Def)
Picket train buffer, the riverboat, and the switcher (Jux)
Pipe-dreaming that so fresh and so clean plummage
Is an appleseed of bore that resorts to Bazooka Tooth shit

You don’t want me smiling at your cameras


AESOP ROCK Maintenance

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Maintenance Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

[Aesop Rock]
Count that for me…thanks

[Robotic voice 4x]
One, two, one, two, three, four

[Aesop Rock]
Well any asshole with a book of matches can light a fire fresh
Make that sucker burn for days, I’ll be impressed
Circlin past the culture’s bigot, procreation baked in advanceable
Then ball and scurry up the grass to roll his marbles off the anthill
I know gerth and nature but recognize absentee ballot
And sappy ballads couldn’t fill the void
This game’s in the giant Tugboat Complex and HE’S ANNOYED!
(No one’s asking you to feel the narc, brother!)
Hmm, it’s fashion
I’ll find my own bullies to shake a finger wrapped in
Realigned mine knives in divine justice
Plus this uncontrollable laugh with those ample waves of brain finally crash
Brimstone clone with legs and dim poems
Ten little Zen crafts
Things cooperate like paper dog participants litigans
Picket well or ride or burner style clinic
Acid with the basics
P-H imbalance to burn the malice martyrs spaceless
Then fabricate daytrips
I want to be the halo that jumps off the brain
Of the genius who decided some pictures deserved frames
(God and I are on a first name basis)
Yeah I call him God, he calls me Jesus
When I lost my religion, he fell to pieces
Blade, dragon, up hell’s creek
Interrupting a devil pagent
Starfighter settling to madness
I keep my ghoul spirit concealed
Until the warriors return to the Coney Isle Wonder Wheel

[Chorus 4x]
My momma told me there’d be days like this
Days like this, days like this, days like this (yes she did)

[Robotic voice 4x]
One, two, one, two, three, four

[Aesop Rock]
Okay, tell me who you chill with and I’ll tell you who you are
I walk a mile with a leash attached to your freak seminar
It’s a modern sensation on the boulevard of maintenance
To sweep your broken hopes under the rugs then hug the playpen
This revolution pushing through the loose pins and a strait jacket
A maverick classed in a bunk category
They had him parallel with a tattered glory division
(I could devil drink dreams out of thermos)
Yeah, with a whiskey afterburn
It’s like, nine o’clock wake (I’m up) spit obscentities
My girl ties on my cape, smoke a bone then work my dental tree
The clear day’s laced with a classic mother nature thunderchaser set
That got my papergrain’s wings wet
Voyeurist amendments lack expansive coverage in the syllabus
I dance with shuckles while you man the keyhole grilling code
I’ve done my chores according to God’s schedule
With coffee holding the wheel and nicotine working the pedals
Metal edge kings that tends to rapel the pebble
Kettle screaching out the operetta
I live to autograph the iron curtain with doveback feather pens
Spurting magma, cursing television urns to burn until my Cleopatra
Minor (Major) dispersed slap on the wrist
For the tennants lacking the arms to harbor the rarity of thick friendship
Stuck with a Yes sir
Change of fatigue to ankle
Each beneath the angle
I’ma call home until the rock meets the angels

[Chorus 4x]

[Robotic voice – repeat to fade]
One, two, one, two, three, four



Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Alchemy Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

I spit with an immense amount of power
Skull flame showers, cowards, cower, underneath our
Storm clouds that indicate the acid rain hours
Now or, never, ever, ending on a bad note
Ripping ya’ craft spoke, for spitting a bad quote
(Blueprint what’s your approach?)
I smash black folk and white folk alike for jokes with mics
And make a Kodak moment out of the most boring open mic
I’ll make a sad fan appreciate rap again
Fuck around and forget just how wack it’s been
I’m a bad man (Why’s that?)
I catch bullets in my molars, body slam boas
And take flight with the weight of the world on my shoulders
And blame David Blaine on any chains that hold us
What started out as food for thought, turned into thoughts to turn they
crews into food in hopes to satisfy my
Insatiable appetite to dine on lifeforms
Small planets and satellites
You solar system is my condiment
I’m bombin’ comets, and don’t sweat the small things and nonsense
Every dog has his day and even more so in rhyming
So I decided that I’d never play the fire hydren
Or grab the mic sounding lazy, worn down and tired
Cats don’t really fall off they just get uninspired
But before you, get a reason to ever diss us
I’ll drop a ill LP and disappear like Bobby Fischer
But this is, the building block of all that is
And what it is, is Alchemy

[Aesop Rock – Chorus]
Alchemy, basic with a touch of wild wonder
Alchemy, we made this to take your style under
Metal frame, walking through a, metal game with a limp, tight grip
Determined not to let time slip
This is Alchemy, iron b-boy and all his glory
Alchemy, hold it from the colder sob story
Metal frame, walking through a, metal game with a limp, tight grip
Determined not to let time slip

[Aesop Rock]
Ah, dirty, dirty destiny
Birded murders with a burn gurshin a peasantry
Nervous flux flirtin’ with hurley burly chemistry
Graffiti burner urchin merchant with a certain urge jerkin’ served and centerpiece
My zig-zag bully balance gallops with a fiery outline
Ban and bomb y’all pastel poets belly up (I’ll tell you what)
Born stylin’ 4 dimensions count em’
Breed it take it to em’ up,[?] run to build a world you’ll never touch
And I’m a pilot, delerium, serum, poison arrangement
?Aroused? when I feel like storming suck the raw enslavement
With a grin-style stinger creeping out the basement
Impatient wild ritualistic visions of sacrificial bitch hatin’
For all my iron giant soldiers with a metal fist upshielding mother nature
from her fatal wrist cuts story I’ll respect you
(So why they blaming you for the cats that sleep while the earth turns?)
Yeah I had em’ up all night praying I’d re-release Music For Earthworms
Greed even are lease screaming with milestone like ring ring ring I just
caught the screen fiending click dial tone
Welcome to a clouds swell blew to hallucination war pillar
Carnivore, carnival, karma slasher
I dash like a jack rabbit that orbits revelation with a single pounce
To Edward Scissorhands your spring of doubts (Yo turn it out)
This is that mighty case of home field advantage to bend your blizzard With
a crocodile smile and fight robot knuckles to your kisser

This is Alchemy, basic with a touch of wild wonder
Alchemy, we made this to take your style under
Metal frame, walking through a, metal game with a limp, tight grip
Determined not to let time slip
This is Alchemy, iron b-boy and all his glory
Alchemy, hold it from the colder sob story
Metal frame, walking through a, metal game with a limp, tight grip
Determined not to let time slip


AESOP ROCK Nickel Plated Pockets

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Nickel Plated Pockets Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

[INTRO: Vast Aire Aesop conversing]
Yo, (Alright Ok)
Can I get a quarter or something?
Little hungry, you know what I’m saying? (Alright Ok)
I need a Lucy yo…

Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels
And a city full of horns, jackhammers, and rape whistles
The alley cats manipulate the blocks with gutter magic
Today my heart beats only out of habit
Check it, it’s like..
My man Jus used to keep an ox between his teeth
Said he could spit it with pinpoint accuracy if there was beef
We chuckled out loud
Still the thought of it intrigued me, (right)
So now I keep a jackal under my tongue to spit with related reasoning
The earthworm turbulent murder burnout Gerber baby no brain or memoir stardom
Alarmed, pardon the old buzz deader
Robert Crumb ugly dumb image
Barely sprung barely no grimace
Nearly cut cherry blood’s picket wrist back in high school (now it’s like)
Spy with a millipede pentagon pirate
navigates cities’ sump systems
Urbanite turbines
Twisted Pistons
Termites that infect sturdy grillage
There’s roaches in the pillars (Spillover)
And crawl across commuter-clean wingtips and loafers
It’s the theme park I built
Pocket full of nickels for cigarettes, gum
and milk, bitterness, love, and violence
I’m writing a petition to have smoking as a sport
in the 2002 Summer Olympic Games (wanna sign it?)
Now look, I jux germs draggin a gavel knee deep in a maggot hatchery
Operation capture flag by any means
If this means anything at all, anyway it’s a riddle
Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels

[SEGUE 1: Vast Aire Aesop Conversing]
Ay uh, yo excuse me (Ay Yo) yo
Can I borrow a dollar or something? (Ah sorry man) nickel?
(Sorry man, I can’t help you out dog) Quarter?
Something man? (Yeah I only got enough for like cigarettes and shit man)
Alright man, I see how it is (I’m straight)

Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels
And a city full of World Trade Center victim candle vigils
There’s anthrax in our mailboxes and Xanax in my tummy
There’s a single Spanish female out west traveling the country
Freak of [?] league lazer major running bases
Neighborhood watch weasels pacing ugly acres more than often
If I ever make it big, I’m gonna build a skyscraper tall enough to piss on
cloud 9 egos from my corner office
You can’t pull the plug on a catapult (nope)
I toss a nickel to a bum’s cup from twenty paces thumbs up
Got twenty ways to tell you shut the fuck up
Nineteen of ’em are 24 bars long, the other one goes (SHUT THE FUCK UP!)
And an electronic daddy long legs stay grimy up in your zoning wall
Groveling villagers, trying to hide behind the windmill
I just got in pig-back through subway tunnels with a third rail nearest
While most still try to penetrate the alligator plants (It goes)
Back in the class, throwing pencils at professors
And making barbarellas giggle
That’s when life’s pleasures were simple
Now it takes a dancing bear jumping through flaming hoops
to even make em buy the god-forsaken single!
Though shall not desecrate the soothing spiral
Altered by a classic cut to vinyl
Find that in the Bible!
My insult Militia’ll fix you up
I’ll light the pyramid shaped torso
with your hollow numbskull balancing on top
Now if you got a lock and gas mask outside of your own apartment
You could pretty safely quote Shamar
Life’s Ill, sometimes Life might kill, sometimes prayers dwindle
Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels

[SEGUE 2: Vast Aire Aesop Conversing]
Yo (ay what’s up man?) Yo can I ohh…
No..Never mind man (I can’t help you out man)
Asshole! (Yo man, I’m trying to help myself out right now)
Fucking asked you for a Lucy and you turned me down (Dog, I’m sorry dog!)

Walk into the store, same pocket, same nickels
In a city where every crack in the sidewalk’s a symbol
Where there’s crack in the basement, where there’s crack in the slave ships
Where there’s crack whores and corrupt pigs killing cats trying to crack cases
My boombox runs on a baboon heart transplant (This is hell!)
I got a poltergeist on a leash trained by Caroline herself
Two Thousand something…
Technology aid itself glutton
Every move I make’s from a robot gepetto pressing a red button
It’s Vietnam in the fumes
Yes I run with cannibals that bite the hand
that feeds cuz it tastes better than the food
The prickly outer shell’s genetic, it helps defense mode
But it also helps to fuck up a couple of sacred friendships
Watch a six legged insect crawl out of the billy goat beard
Watch a sick makeshift bitch threat fall out when the filthy smoke clears
Watch the insect’s stinger sting threat till it has sweat a bullet
Sweat a full clip, sweat a river, dead the bullshit, sail away and wither
You’re the kind of cat that rolls a pimped out Caddy
dropped with rims and limousine tints bucking Enya
Insert laughter here
I wanna rap a lot and stack cheddar by the fistful
But for now, I walk into the store with a pocket full of huhh…

[OUTRO: Vast Aire Aesop conversing]
Excuse me man (alright ok)
Can I..Can I borrow a dollar or something to eat?…
(alright ok) I’m..I’m hungry
I’m saying yo…(alright ok) (Look at that..)
I’m homeless man (Look at that bum) (alright ok)
I fought for this country man (yeah)
Sleep on park benches….starvin’
All I need is like a lucy and like a sandwich or somethin’ man..
Wiping my ass with the Daily News man…c’mon man..
Sleepin’ with squirrels (Oh my god, What are you doing with that squirrel?)