AER Run Again

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Run Again Lyrics, singer by AER

Something makes me run from nothing
Fucked up more than once and
Cleanin? off my slate before I run again

You couldn?t call me a saint, you?ll have to call me a sinner
Comitting bigger, than 21 saying ?winner winner chicken dinner,?
I can?t get civil, filled with evil, evil
Travels in messages from owls and eagles
No flowers so freedom, yeah
I?ve done wrong, I?ve fucked up
Can?t take it back but I gotta face it with my fucking hands up
Her hate attack is tangable
Gimme one good reason I shouldn?t walk on out that door
And count that cash that could be caught without your walk upon my chest
I?m not, here

Not givin? up some love is like a gun in my waistline
Safety off, got nowhere to be so I make everything take time
Everything remains fine, everyone runnin down their pre determined paths
while I make my own, exploration around the world
Flown, to another destination, another girl
Never been that shiver down your little ass spine
Always been that plane of kush and a glass from the best vine

It?s 5 AM
And she knows


AER Comin’ From A Basement

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Comin’ From A Basement Lyrics, singer by AER

I?m just fuckin? around thought I?d throw this down, Yeah
I put the beat on loop
Kick back and write a verse
Scratch the pencil on the paper tryna fit my thoughts to words
And verbs curb my urge to spit faster
Grab a pizza from down the street hit up my dudes after
Steppin? out Nat?s looking? at the next chapter
I got way more time than money so that?s the motive
I get at your older bitch
Tell her it?s the new kid screwin? around
I don?t try I do it for sound love when the crowd gets down at the shows around town
Cause flows get out of style
After a while I put out an album for free
Cause when I?m live people see the real me

Comin? from the basement call me a liar
Tell um at the place that they gota catch up
We?re rollin? up the trees lookin? out for the fire
Winter summer spring get your shoes laced up

The root of our music induces the fuming of nuggets
I?m right above it, with flubber indulging in buckets of green
I can tell cut the scene outta my movie
Fibbin, then shiffin my hoop D, kiss good but real toothy
Tame but I gotta see if she wanna get busy with my flow better yet I?ll get number livin it under duckin a hundred thunder bolts
Frivolous wandering under dogs, remember the pogs?
Shakin saws then shakin paws unzippin the rim of the feminine enema
End of the leather path some of the regular sets and reps assemble a center of assassins, summer?ll be passin I?ll just be laughing
Smokin the grass n sippin from brass
I?ll fuck with that shit


AER The Reach

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER The Reach Lyrics, singer by AER

Alright enough fucking around
I don’t got the time to sit down
Gotta keep pushing and reaching for the clouds
The top is gonna deliver the rock infused the rap and the hip hop
Styling of new music that’ll suck you in to the sitcom of our life
Episode in South Carolina imploding my mind
With the types and the thoughts of the southern women I get lost in it
Withering away the cold weather today, ya see me?

Fraternity brothers are giving us one color green
In the form of weed, I’ll smoke while they’re chasing diplomacy
I’m gonna get the money you owe to me, solo in the fleet
Photoshoot in the sea, tides pull back on the water
We’ll wonder the sidewalks of a broken city
I can’t honestly believe where I’ve come and where I’m gonna be after two more weeks fuckin with the reach

Yeah get it with the movement
Come and join us for the ride [x2]

I been spendin’ time blowin’ out all these ghosts
And with no lies you can knock on my door
Fresh Aer keeps you livin the moment
Singin’ bout the want for the greater love
Rollin’ one back to the left side
Rollin’ one back right side
Rollin’ one back to the left side
Rollin’ one back right side


AER Another Face (Midtro)

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Another Face (Midtro) Lyrics, singer by AER

I?m sportin a buzz cut, cuttin the buns up
Fun I woulda done stuff with you and your rum rushed tut fucks
Tough luck my friend but today?s not the end
I?ll livin another day seein another face
And I?m a super bowler with the nuts the bolts
See what I got in my folder, files and styles from when I?m older
Futuristic egotistic, sin and a whisky
Fillin the quiet with my two timing and rhyme schemes Simon says to me just please stay tracking on,
go hard but not off the course like home alone on a Saturday night
gettin fucked up send an invite all, tiring but peaceful til you get that call


AER Never Know

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Never Know Lyrics, singer by AER

I don’t got a job, but I still make sense,
Each mother fucking word coming from the breath from this chest,
With some treasure, from underneath me,
The X is where I’m digging,
Way down deep,
Seep through my skin,
Lime light lovin’ lightin’ me,
Rhyme tight my sight seems to be clearing up,
Steering my car down to town,
Then I pound shots, get another round,
Til I’m on the ground, Bitch know she love it,
Not above it, influenced by the best,
But I had fun with it, get with it,
Cause if you ain’t with it, we’ll take it from you,
Cause we better, I bet you can’t do what I do,
Upsetter, get her wetter, read that letter,
I’ve had enough, to let her go,

And I’m gon follow you back,
And I’m gon follow you back,
And I’m gon follow you back,
To the fires burnin’ in the past,
And I’m gon follow you back,
Never know, never go, yeah

Follow me (follow me)
to the heart like an artery in this game, man you gotta grow, grow
water me every day man you gotta grow, grow marijuana leaves
honestly all the matt has is his honor ask why i wanna be maybe honorary?
I’m here to stay can’t afford to leave
there’s so much more to me than all the squandering
so unfortunately for you she be calling me
all you got is the machine leave a message after the beep, BEEP
watch her climb in my passenger seat
she rolled up and passed it to me
takes the chick
but with me she would rather be with me
thinking she would never ever do it again
when I wake up in the morning all I think about is ballin’
fly nigga never thought about falling

I’m in the sky light
I’m in the sky light
so just follow me

I’m in the sky light, sky light
so follow me
I’m in the sky light, sky light
so follow me


AER Feel I Bring

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Feel I Bring Lyrics, singer by AER

You like the feel I bring

Block out haters, embrace my behavior
My music’ll be your savior, later maybe later
I can sing something for ya
Deliver it to your door then
Spread positive vibrations that’s what I’m about
Take my phone, click remote
Then you control the Bob Marley that can continuously flow
Through the amp, go to my hand
We sittin’ in my backyard
Forgetting that life can be hard

You like the feel I bring
(Run out to the rope and hope you hit the water cold
So you can soak in the kaleidoscope)

The heat brings out my aura
Sends me out the door
I’m moving forward either way
Pass out on the floor
I’m waking up for more
Then falling asleep again
You like the feel I bring

Gettin high with my guys slappin high fives
Step aside I ain’t sittin on the sidelines
Say what’s good if you see me fly by
Feel I bring my vibes get you bye high
Rep a side get denied simmer down now
Listen up to my lyrics get a shout out
Sname run the game and Piffs gettin with it
Glove pass the bong to Coop to rip it


AER Ride Up

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Ride Up Lyrics, singer by AER

I hate waking up with the frost on my windshield, it belongs on my bud ha
Hate seein my breath when I?m sitting here, know the snow will never budge
Late nights cold and flakes stuck on my shoulder, depressing but I guess I?ll stay warm
My feet on the incredible heat machine, reefer steam
The next step needs to be the song
Underground but high right now
Break your spine tryna get down
Bare light bulb 120 volts in this corner
The musics at fault the flows dried up
Lookin for inspiration for writing
But the pencil seems to have more thoughts than I do
False criminal gossip
Hydroplane across the snow and the rain to get original products
One head light out the other is flawless, I promise
I know it?s small but the work was honest

We?ll take the ride up, If you?re feeling the sound
Anyone besides us, yeah just turn that shit down
Fresh aer for your lungs

Yeah, and we just wanna have a good time
I?m kushed up, I?ma finna shut it down
Everywhere my team go you know they come around
Good love feline? like I?m in my home town
Fresh Aer for the soul
Night feels young
Drinks still cold
Playin? beer pong while these bitches get low
Party all night till the sun get old girl
And them lames gunna hate
But we liven? it up so fuck what they say
Mind so gone I?m just floatin? in outer space
Drink in my hand we just rocking? to the bass girl
And I got winners all around me
Shootout to the High Life and them good trees
Got a couple bad bitches common? home with me
I?m on me G shit Aer tell um what it means

We?ll take the ride up, If you?re feeling the sound
Anyone besides us, yeah just turn that shit down
Fresh aer for your lungs


AER Somewhere I Been

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Somewhere I Been Lyrics, singer by AER

Somewhere I been
It?s gunna be alright
It?s gunna be alright
Just know she got real
She got the only thing I want

She got the style, she got the habits
She got everything I?d ever want plus magic
I know if she can roll then I can go with her flow
Not a concern if I burn
Seeing that I?m earning a little while learning a little something bout the game
She don?t care, she don?t care
If I go home with another name that night
Damn that?s right, she right there
Four Loko, barely toked though
She know my flow and what I wrote though
Her eyes?ll open up that door, no key
No time to ride that whip solo
Gotta grab her heart
Put on my halo, get a little false
Just for the day yo, ride down Rodeo
You?ll be my angel, no need to stay home

Put the pieces in the puzzle and you?ll find
Just enough to help to keep you satisfied

It may sound cliche but her smile can tell it all
I know ive chosen right when my highs begin to stall
And lies from our heads start to fall
The fighting is no wall
She?s safe with me even when were breaking the law

We?ve been livin? a lie
All I want is a try
A little love on the side gets me
Pullin? over the ride
Drop the window and smile
She can tell me anything its me


AER Room To Breathe (Intro)

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Room To Breathe (Intro) Lyrics, singer by AER

Swoop down get it in bounce, the town?s silence
A room the finest woman full of diamonds
I find this evening to be more than a rumination runnin back
and forth through the doors of this colorful scene and I
She my queen and I?m the king
Runnin things and I got my eyes on it, I want it
My dreamcatcher caught it
Sick of it I?ll rhyme illicitly on the front screen
While in touch with the aquamarine
Hot topic is what you can?t normally see
Fires only burn when they room to breathe


AER Medina

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Medina Lyrics, singer by AER

I been sipping? on the, I been sipping on the sand darling

When I come around, I see the clouds are grey,
the light, keeps me up high, floating away
If the sun shines, off my eyes, I fall to my feet,
the skies, are a clear blue, my blind fold to grey

Walking through the field, into,
the textures on my hand are sliding,
flowing, through, the sounds are growing yeah,
I?ve been locked up for days, the nature and the sky, make me wanna breathe

I been sipping? on the, I been sipping on the sand darling

I?ve been sipping on the sand darling,
I?ve been writing with my hands all night