THE MAINE Lovely Sad

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics THE MAINE Lovely Sad Lyrics, singer by THE MAINE

Ugly little feelings
Crawl inside my head
What?s the point in leaving
This California king-sized bed?
And the should-have?s
They start to eat my brain
The shadow of my youth has
Made the sun go black again
I look around and I don?t see the pretty things
The evil thoughts upstairs they don?t need company
This broken glass it reflects back
The person I?ve become

And now
Here I am
I feel numb
On the fence
On the run
Spill my guts
What an act
I am sad
But to me I?m lovely sad

Imaginary numbers
Control the ones we love
Fooled by affectation
And something up above
If you?re in love with diamonds
A simple death you?re dying
A wasted life to me
Here we are all liars
Just hoping to get higher
Than everyone we meet
Huxley said we live together but we?re always by ourselves
If you don?t like this type of weather you can move to someplace else
Significance is rarely found underneath your couch

So now
Here you are
Feeling numb
On the fence
On the run
Down and out
Such a drag
We?re all sad
But to me we?re lovely sad



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