Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics ADRIAN MARCEL Caught Up Lyrics, singer by ADRIAN MARCEL

[Verse 1:]
My girl keep calling my phone
And I don?t even wanna answer right now
If she knew what I was doing in this bed
She would have a heart attack right now
I met a chick up in DOA
Say she wanna live here with me
Hit the W a quarter past three
Showin’ me she?s a certified freak

It?s crazy how she worked that back
The way she worked that back
Hey pretty, oh shorty, put it on me like that
I be like wait, hollup, still ain’t catch your name
She moving up from another city

I?m your temptation, give you sensations
Nobody has to know
Girl I swear you got a nigga caught up, up, up, up
You gon’ fuck around and get me caught up, up, up, up, up, up
Even though I got a girl at the crib
When I see you I just wanna get it in
Girl, you got me caught up, up, up, up, up, up

[Verse 2:]
See we been at it for a week by now
Matter of fact we in the sheets right now
It’s too late for me to turn back
?Cause I?m in too deep right now
She got me creeping all late at night
How can something so wrong feel right?
Booty soft, but her body?s so tight
She let me kiss it anywhere I like



Wassup baby?
Not much, still at home right now
I love you




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