Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics ADRIAN MARCEL I Get It Lyrics, singer by ADRIAN MARCEL


Eyes shot red, know you went hard
No traffic on the freeway
Wish ya life was that easy, yeah
Always on the grind, tryna just get it on ya own
I know you gotta do what you gotta do

Some people like to smoke
Some people like to drank
And I ain’t here to judge you

Said if this is your song, for real, no doubt
Light the swisher up if ya feeling thugged out tonight (yeah)
I wanna let ya know, my nigga, I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it
Times get hard, nigga I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it

Light brown eyes
Two things on her mind
Steady claimin’ what she gon’ do
But it’s nothin’ that she won’t do now
You know we just friends
She say she wish I was her man
Cause I be doin’ things that he’ll never do

She said he just wanna fuck
I ask her do she wanna smoke
And then she wrapped her lips around it

I said this is yours girl, forreal no doubt
I’m gonna ease ya mind, turn it all around tonight (yeah)
Don’t be ashamed girl i get it
I get it, I know why you hit it
Damn you know that I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it

[Casey Veggies:]
Girl, I know why you hit it
We was drunk and got lifted, after you gave me the business
We both went on to our business, since then it’s been different
See, more into religion, this lifestyle full of sinnin’
I’m like, na I ain’t finished, I’m tryna get deeper in it
How I can make you remember, was out on tour the whole summer
We had sex in December, girl, I can never forget it
I’m so damn relentless, I never think about feelings
I just love how I be feelin’, girl, it’s that sexual healin’
Damn that dress is appealin’, like a banana I peel it
Then put yo legs to the ceilin’, yeah, I know that you wit it
And you know that I get it
Every time that I’m gone, she bout to blow up my phone
And I’m comin’ back home



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