ADRIAN MARCEL Spending The Night Alone

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics ADRIAN MARCEL Spending The Night Alone Lyrics, singer by ADRIAN MARCEL

[Verse 1:]
(Turn the lights off)
Those kisses never seem to fade away
I can feel em on my face
They still feel perfect
That?s why I can?t go another day
Love it when I see you smile
Happy just to be there
Even when you?re down girl
I?ve been needing you around girl yeah yeah

But you been missing for too long
And I ain?t ready to move on
I?m calling all your friends to
Help me find you baby

[Hook x2:]
She got me laying here by the phone
I can?t keep spending the night alone
I?ve got all I could ever want
But it just ain?t enough if it ain?t you baby

Ain?t enough
When it ain?t you baby

[Verse 2:]
Driving past your mama?s house
Hoping just to catch a
Short glimpse of you
And I?ll be hoping that you don?t find out
How much it?s killing me girl
Please girl, my heart can?t take another day, no no no no no


[Hook x2]


[Verse 3 – x2:]
It?s hurting me when she?s not near
Our love it bleeds, I need her here
I?m not complete, no she?s my air
Yeah, yeah

[Hook x2]



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