AER Stars

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Stars Lyrics, singer by AER

[Intro – Dave:]
I could give you what you want
If you give me what you need
I could take away your pain
And still bring you to your knees
I don?t need no guns or drugs
I just need my own company and I?m free
Oh yeah, I?m free ? I could never give in

[Verse 1 – Carter:]
The fruit of our labor always the ripest
Time after time I?m clocking in the night shift
Blow that green for the environmental crisis
Motorcycle license, lemme see where Mike is
Cuz we got problems but they all artificial
They all stop when he pull out the whistle
Our team to the game fires the missiles
Armed w a pistol, scarrin that tissue
Nikes with the red are my choice on the road
Color of the revolution yeah my voice should be heard
From misters to misses to hipsters and more
This efficient you wish you had this in store
But you don?t so move on we always rock steady
Born for this purpose I?m way beyond ready
This is way beyond trendy, way beyond Fendi
Way beyond any story that?ll come to an ending

[Hook – Dave:]
Cuz the stars gon? shine just a little overhead
Get your mind right, limelight ain?t nothing but a test
It?s okay for you to doubt me, but my inner demons live
Through this music, and I use it to get ahead

[Verse 2 – Carter:]
Fair weather friends see the sun shining
Need find a way to prescribe the mind when crunch time hits
No stress, lets find out what unsigned is
Been dreaming about this since the lunch line with the lights on my kicks
I get congratulated but I need to work harder
It?s time to open up cuz I can?t breathe with all this armor on
Shield in hand, wielded sword, waiting for a milestone
Keep peace, there?s no way in hell imma die alone

I heard of something but I?m still unaware of specifics
I don?t care if it?s by the Atlantic or the Pacific
The FAM crew will be a perfect addition
It?s obvious that I slur semantics
Tryna make everything work to my advantage
Careers with no spark tend to fade out and vanish
So don?t take on more than you can manage

[Hook – Dave]



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