AER Won’t Laugh

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Won’t Laugh Lyrics, singer by AER

[Hook – Dave:]
I won?t laugh if you smile
Fabricated tales tend to take a while
I won?t laugh if you smile
To each his own thats my way, yeah

[Verse 1 – Carter:]
I got tattoos, so people think I?m cool
College? I?m better than school
I smoke pot, s?only thing I do
Now you wonder why I wouldn?t trade my life with you
Cuz you hang the same keys from the same hook every afternoon
My angels lookin down upon me from a great view, they got my back but they hate you
This all seems so crazy, I swear I never imagined this, remember hittin? dank in the ?94
Protege, didn?t think it happen as fast as this, but that was then and this is now
It?s a different time and a different sound
Saying new things from the same mouth, still a Coch kid in my hometown
From a thought to a hobby to a full time career, 74th floor in Shanghai when it all came clear
In the hills or the valley, and were far from the finale, I want this so badly, no I won?t let go

[Hook – Dave]

[Verse 2 – Carter:]
Lets meet!, I want you to know me
I grew up in the east, on a quiet street, but Im boutta move out and sign a new lease
Can’t feel stuck, Expectations, bills and rent, s?all almost a bit too much
But it?s money well spent, one hundred percent, I?m someone to trust
I wanna apologize to my old friend for hookin? up w his girlfriend
I don?t wanna get denied from a club for the color of my boys? skin
But now it?s tours, wake me up, interviews, wake me up
I hate when you expect me to pay for ya
Got friends that seem to hate me now, I guess that?s just the truth of the matter
Shouldn?t be hard to look down as you?re climbing the ladder
I know that we are a difference in the pattern, all your fake talk got me far from flattered

So, run along, run along, I don?t wanna see your face here, yeah, don?t call it your home
Run along, run along, you gon? suck em all dry
Run along, run along, cuz we don?t no more

[Hook – Dave]

[Outro x4:]
Would you be so kind
Would you be so kind just say it?



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