AER Says She Loves Me

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Says She Loves Me Lyrics, singer by AER

[Hook – Dave:]
She always says she loves me when we?re drinkin
Won?t admit it but it?s true
I think I?ve had enough of this one
So baby what?s your name, where you from, what?s good with you?

[Verse 1 – Carter:]
When she?s drunk she calls me a punk
She blow my phone up, she don?t know what?s up
When she drink that jack, she won?t call back
When she off that rum, she act so dumb
She tells me grow up, I say ?Know what??
She won?t let me finish, she starts to go nuts
Stop throwing stuff, time to own up
I?m so done, baby I?m so done
All I need to do is turn my back, and she?ll be gone for good
Finished packing my bags, going where I know I should
It?s only right for me to move on to what?s next
But when she texts me with those three words, it gets me like

[Hook – Dave]

[Verse 2 – Carter:]
She?s gotta quit showing off to all her friends
And go pick up someone else who can handle her shit
I?m so sick of this and I can?t pretend
But I?ll be stuck with this girl like wet cement
I don?t want her following in my footsteps
But I think my shadow needs it
Despite her good side, and some good sex
I?d rather go through amnesia and forget all about it
No reason to get so dramatic
I?m more manual, she?s automatic
Oh, tryna get rid of her static
I got smacked last night, it makes sense tonight
Well, it?s time to tell her that I?ve had it, cuz

[Hook – Dave]

[Bridge – Dave:]
Take my hand, let?s start new
I wasn?t planning on it but I?m liking you
And we just met, but I get you
You seem like the type that?s got something to prove
Come on and dance, let?s see you move
This ain?t the first time that I?ve noticed you
Take off those heels, let?s keep em new
Now bring that body closer for a few

[Hook – Dave]



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