AER I’m Not Sorry

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER I’m Not Sorry Lyrics, singer by AER

[Chorus – Dave:]
And I tried to make you understand that I?m not sorry
No, I?m not sorry, baby I?m not sorry, I?m not sorry
I dropped my walls, opened locks, let you in
Shared with you all those thoughts about movin? in
Put all my trust in you while we were a fling
Cause I don?t pretend, say it to the end
I?m not sorry

[Verse 1 – Carter:]
Apologies won?t come from me
Don?t believe ya to be someone of a quality
You?re lower than the European economies
I know what you do when you visit your friends at their colleges
Spittin red cup mythology
And they all eat it up like piranhas see?
Don?t acknowledge me anymore
I can?t fuck with you
I don?t know what to do
You were way too quick to get comfortable
We all know this shits nothing new
Girl i?ve done enough for you
And I?m hardly getting repaid
Many days since we laid
Are now we in fifth grade?
You?re just afraid

Its a difference of opinion
I think ya wish it was different
But ya kissed him in the kitchen
So i went along and broke it
Sorry i don?t wanna continue this intermission
I?m in the middle of switching to someone more open
You thought i wouldn?t notice
But i only focus on what i keep closest
You?re a plague and i don?t need no locusts
Go find out whats at the bottom of the ocean

[Chorus – Dave]

[Verse 2 – Carter:]
Where do we go now?
You know I wile out every time that I go south
Ain?t nothin to talk about cuz I?m on my own now
A situation that I hadda just pull out

I always knew that it wouldn?t last
So you can get that tattoo w you own cash
Didn?t wanna admit it but you?ve got no ass
It?s hard to get used to someone who moves so fast

So! You?re dead to me, it?s not destiny
Ya took ecstasy in Chesapeake
You don?t needa tell me the rest of it
And know my recipe is excellent
You?re another notch on my headboard
Don?t test me, payback had to be the next thing

Never ever let her get near me again
Oh shit don?t hold me back
Peace and quiet you owe me that
Leaving you the loneliest
Girl fall back like the foliage
Ya can?t change the past
You?re never shakin that
I hate ya now, I?m not sorry



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