AER Whatever We Want

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER Whatever We Want Lyrics, singer by AER

[Hook – Carter and Dave:]
Jeans with the tuck ? rockin? whatever we want
Bags packed up ? haulin? whatever we want
Showin? up late ? cause it?s whatever we want
Steppin? on your turf, takin? whatever we want

[Verse 1 – Carter:]
We rep that F ?-A-? M, who bring that evening right to the end
Got some good friends out in Japan, word of mouth that?s how we expand
It?s a concrete fact I won?t be sleeping on the sidewalk
Don?t buy a lock cuz I?ll pop it up and drive off
Pride of the city, provided with eyes of a hawk
Let bygones be bygones it happens a lot
Still stayin? stoned like Joss
Often misconstrued as a student but I?m a boss
But we?re on the rooftop baby, with a boom box baby
And a couple more drinks?ll get the truth out baby
Time to cool off baby, so we?ll pool hop baby
Then spend an afternoon in the boondocks baby
It?s gon happen regardless
So get on the train, get your sleeping compartments
Yeah you heard correctly, i?m on the market
Speaking bout the FAM from India to the Arctic

[Hook – Dave and Carter]

[Verse 2 – Carter:]
Don?t get used to what you see them do, it?s all a mirage
I?m still pulling up in a Volkswagen Passat, most imagine a lot
And they curious about my whereabouts
Picture perfect world production not produced by Paramount
I?m living off of these uppers, you smoking on those downers
It?s Carter Reeves, please call me one of the out of towners
It?s limitless and boundless, minimal with the doubters
I?ve been around the world at unconventional hours
It?s old school now, so I?m bringing it back
From LA to Fenway, they facing the facts
And this pace that we?re at, has the greatest effect
To stay prepping up for whatever is next
Smoking Wu?-Tang weed out on the patio
Look no further RZA told me roll a fatty doe
She thinking holy matrimony, she can?t fully have me though
Soon enough you?ll be hearing this voice upon the radio

[Hook – Carter and Dave]



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