AER I’m With It

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AER I’m With It Lyrics, singer by AER

[Verse 1 – Carter:]
Catch me holdin on the OE, conversate with Zoe
Only gonna remember her T-shirt with David Bowie
Its so clear the hipsters here, and the queens are there, and the rest are near
It?s the FAM crew and were back at it again
This time in a house of a friend of a friends
Only 11 PM, now with your eyes and your ears listen up to how the story begins
The beat brought the energy, I brought the soul
Hope I don?t get drowned in liquor and end up runnin home
Got my homies to keep me composed, now that?s real
And that girl Zoe over there knows the deal

[Chorus – Dave:]
I don?t wanna cuff to confine me
Every move you make choose your way (I?m with it)
Gettin? loose with crew right beside me
Let me approach what I scoped out (I?m with it)
Any minute now we can exit the spot
And take what we got home and get acquainted
Lift your brow got me spillin? out vows
From your style to your smile ? love you got me chasin?

[Verse 2 – Carter:]
Lets go! Cmon! time to break up the best smoke
?Carter can I hit it? don?t make me kiss ya and beg for it,?
This house so big it needs exploring
So come along girl were diving in head first

I said yeah baby yeah make that granite counter top yours
One more minute and we?ll bring it to the bottom floor
Applaud for the encore, and I ain?t even on tour
The thunderstorm is coming, I wonder who will conquer?
That?s simple it?s me, got the freshest expressions and essence up on my tee
They all askin?, how?d I end up like Jay Gatsby?

The set up of the place was pretty hot
With a smoking section, dance floor, and a porch to cool off
Barely know her but I know that she?s rarer than moon rocks
With Cartie in this bitch the party don?t stop ha

[Chorus – Dave]



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