Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Fast Cars Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Who’s that walking with a whole in his head?
Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread.
What’s a troop’s recipe for treacherous times?
I tell ’em fast cars, danger, fire and knives.
Fast cars, danger, fire and knives…
I got her majesty Athena riding shotty wide-eyed

I pull the elephant tranq out of my neck, gaffle a tank, count up the chips, wrestle the fangs off of my fist, flood a little soldier blood over the ogre acres on some holiday in Cambodia with moter home appraisers. Pagans fade into the kodochrome now, later with a lid to brow staple revist the cobra landing zone. Molar foaming but he hold his own wound coderized by the Zippo he had stole that afternoon. And my dog tags jingle by the moster island heart he built. Grew up with a Jughead crown tild and tardy slip. Be all you can be just never soothed us. You lost me in that part about scrubbing piss with a toothbrush. Holler scum’s lullaby. Live from the ultra-fly sham city bunker where the coldest cults multiply alarmingly. Hush little baby, timeout. The black market mockingbirds can not sing a lick but lean to peck your eyes out of commission with love, out a tradition of wraiths pick on the visions that buzz, bet on the kitten’s escape, solder the piston to pump out a veteran amplifier. And magnify through the samelens that set the ants on fire. Flush the muppet hootenanny. Who could fancy honor circuit when the circle’s every duke is clammy? Trooper, scoop the food in pantry. Anti up, stupid. May delusion feed ’em foofi candy and pry the gold out of his when lamping. Pocket all you can now. Block will lead the lambs down to the cold cutlery outfit. Slaughter beef and cow tip. Pour the chief somefountain soda, motor prone to pen the holy opus and pry this monkey off the scoliosis.

Who’s that walking with a whole in his head?
Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread.
What’s a troop’s recipe for treacherous times?
I tell ’em fast cars, danger, fire and knives.
Fast cars, danger, fire and knives…
I got her majesty Athena riding shotty wide-eyed

Never mind the bullocks. Like every other week these hipster tabloids jumping on and off my sex pistol’s bullets. Like every other week he spins the bottle. Like every other week these fucking fanzines forget if they spit or swallow. Too bad your inner sheep never forgets to follow, cuz my inner greed to feed your hate for loving us is hostile. Fortunate for me it coincides with what comes natural, so the mongrels that I run with turn the ‘fuck you’s into fast food. Like a little freak sick of the 3 o’clock bully knuckle dust, nursing his last shiner, finds the shoebox in his smother’s truck. Tomorrow’s extra curricular punching bag will finger daddy’s widow maker out a brown lunch bag. This is where the hunch back snake oil peddlers stuck under the burgundy sky of spaghetti westerns tend to bubble up. Weathermen huddle up. Today the son of one too many ‘yes sir’s kings his checkers, watch the double jump. Back with a platter of hot leeches that’ll drink up-every bloody drop down to the last diseases, it’s A-E-S-O-P-R-O-C-K, the peak twister. Defender of the son of Vaughn Bode’s Cheech Wizard. I used to pray the treatments got easier with my aging like serotonin weekends were merely comedic hazing. Wrong, but along his travels located the key to world peace: kill every motherfucker but me. You cool with that? Cool. Bang. You? Cool. Hang. You? No? Uh… bang? Cool. Sorry, dog, rules is rules. And too long have I followed yours. I’m trying to get them years back, and walk through every cipher with dynamite in a beer hat.

Who’s that walking with a whole in his head?
Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread.
What’s a troop’s recipe for treacherous times?
I tell ’em fast cars, danger, fire and knives.
Fast cars, danger, fire and knives…
I got her majesty Athena riding shotty wide-eyed



AESOP ROCK Mars Attacks

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Mars Attacks Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

These lil’, lil’ fuckin’ Martians
You gotta love em’ though

Mars attacks wit’ electric gats
Not for sapien abduction (what’s up then?!)
Billy took a laser to the mug piece hollowed out the mandible
Channel headquarters order the cannonballs (Mars attacksssss)
We have high demands column to this pigeon ankle
And boomeranging’ our harvest 51st area sickness
Not a threat, an area witness won’t injure the promise
Monster lead- carry your ligament fanged in the mosh pit
Dodge vapor, labor days are major A sir
Cater the alien decomposer soldier platter like cabbage check eight
I told her go for C4 magic’s
Smolder as the Bazooka Tooth holster fabric
(This fucker’s rabid and still breathing!) (Hiding cabbage!)
Oh, the heater claps to leave me
I’ma ninja this shit wit’ sugar in the fuel tank of the saucer
Buddy up and head down to the metal corporate tunnels
Ice pick the soldered ship wiring pissed of the mother and um,
I’d be lying if I said I knew your intentions
See my sexy sabotage seeks defensive action to save the race
You land in hand on board to mention magma (Blaze the place!)
Red five revival there’s wires in the bible
Obviously, ultra take advance when I point counterpoint
Comparison of ET verse little old freak me (She be on somethin’)
Hey riddle sweet peas wit’ your nickel PCs fickle CDs, miserable TV sitcom (typical!)
Pathetic. Ritual. Collective slackership
Beautiful establishment you aint established shit! I consider you foul
Prowl back to the numbers under burnt pride in the dark (sup yall!)
They want us dead or alive without the ‘aliiivee’ Part
The sun rose over a body bag shortage
Last week I was like ‘god bless the saint that invented the cordless’
This week I saw the re-wrap of the bull’s-eye of my worship
Temple body slash bull-cabinet Mastermind diversions (Fuck yall!)
Lets do this shit, my movement soothes any space invader practice
Stomped under enemy like Hey what now, bitch!?
Hiding human hear me rise above material and cardinal sin
They shot me in the face

Mars wins [X5]

(Puffin’ smoke) Run around with your face on fire
(Jet-black smoke on the horizon) Black smoke in the air.
Maaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssss wins! (I thought you would like it)
(We gon’ make it) Who you screaming at dog?
I got this! (Lets go)

Zig zag zookah, pinnacle stitch
Unleash the unlimited edish primitive piss
I’m singin’ cynical maybe the most military ops
Monkey! Here’s elephant, and it drops
We on a three-ringed prong ancient elephant tusk
Bitter, at fully (break bread!) you shruggin’ it off
Keep it electric, sure, But NY Electra’s not about electric wars
Never seen a poor man’s glimpse set fake (Last page!)
Three, two, one, domesticate!
In the corner of the cave reinventing the wheel and roll out funny
Sittin’ on them Barney Rubble twenties, subtle
Sippin’ Saber tooth blood puddle-
I could roll with the lackey’s, that’s if we hustle
Knuckle in the mud, hell’s bells in the chuckle..
Red-berried face means smugger round the muzzle
I’m allergic to the now-born solo panel cutters stole quo to the core (dirt mess!)
Stone cold’s hands out core cryogenics, stubborn
Can’t talk shit wit’ a tongue full a’ rug burn!
Bad cholesterol through blood sugar
Four-piece heartbeats wit’ a subwoofer!
I’m not asking you to act like you notice (Oh Aesop’s SO Mesozoic.)
Now what if in the cabin built the old pulping?
Opened the mirror, stole a pulse with the voltage
Keeping me alive is the vibe with the Vulcan’s (hope!)
I’m the divine catapult (Catapult!)
I break it down to the bunk for the crooks wit’ the goals of a angel
Eat. Sleep. Fuck.
Structural droids more bangs for the buck
But they want a last stegosaurs – thorns in the glove (buck wit’ it!)
Prehistoric land shark business, cradling the arms of the car man’s kidney
Swarm to the sickly thawed out the glacier
Beggin’ for the freezer burn back every day sir!
Sir, your science loves to fuck nature
Sir, your right to the dawn of my day sir
Sir, your violent laugh homing beacon’s never set
Who chase till we all catch vapors
Don’t call it a sound-off, Mars Attacks be the malarkey downfall
It’s not a game no more, run from the flash, leave your penny at the door
A lot of magic gadgets give em’ all back just to nullify the savage
Mic’s crumble we be rockin’ right in the year of the Troglodyte
Saw a grey mouse rabid poured on a board to the dull morose world like a lull in a storm
And I know you was hopin’ that the piece for the ox was a dull sword, ah
(Guess what, it’s not!) Guess what else, I transmit from the block!
T-Rex – X-Ray with triple X Hex (give it up!)
For the yesterdays, or the next I can assure you if the RZA got the sword, (dead flesh!)

Aint no time left. (Keep ya head up now)
Maaaaarrrrrrrrssss wins! (I thought you would like it)
Your head will be down in the dirt
We’ll end it real quick
Maaaaarrrrrrrrssss wins! (See how strong you are then..)
Your head down with a mouth full of pebbles
That’s it man, no time left.
Ya’ll keep talkin’. It’ll get you nowhere…


AESOP ROCK Kill The Messenger

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Kill The Messenger Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Hey stupid, you’re listening to Bazooka tooth, dental cannons, molar pistols shit like that.
This is Murs, motherfucker, this is Aesop Rock, Ace Rizzle.
Ya know what I’m saying? Check it out, like, Living Legends, Def Jux, if you don’t know, now you’re informed.
Be better prepared for the next time this type of shit goes down.
‘Cause when it’s happening and you’re unaware you look like a complete asshole.
(Fastest motherfucker touching down on kick drums)?

Every leader dead and its making you upset.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom
set, set, set…
Every hero dead and its making you forget.
get, get, get.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom.

I’m in and out a pig channel serrated by hand feeders.
Army of vicious kidney patrol yam peelers.
They sleep in barns and whisper looney conspiracy secrets.
Increasing payroll to end is blind, while a.w.o.l. went the leaders.
The only mammal officially banned from food chain
For Finishing for over 25 consecutive years on top is aggravating,
Alarmingly, the pulse don’t bump right,
and he’s up nights bumping over crunk and bug bites.
Who luck like this evening. Stay electric mud blood jockey in for the footing.
My last supper starts with a vinaigrette over pickled muppet hearts while sheep tucked deep in the wood chipper.
For the shepherd was a milk carton in scissors. Clammy hands make henna run on risky Jenga tugs.
They’re all sweating, Hell I’m sweatin’ too, just ain’t nobody sweatin’ you!
The muck went abacus on labor persperator official biz when auditioning demos by which to live.
No whammies, Stop.
Triple six game never chose me.
Trickery gets hokey.
Pick up stix and ponies.
you’ve got mail champ: blow me.
Just a trooper with a question mark machine needy
pointed at the heavens like bee gee on some where the hells my freebie?
To clamp war stupid.
No land lords or super. no hands.
Water no ice cubes Rubik, no plans.
No motor movement no dance, no pyrotechnics to enhance. no chance
too many grown men calling in sick over cramps
I weigh in heavy on the jaded bitter subtracting the frontal gimmick
I want to solve world hunger and fuck a pinup
I want to find a 21st century carbon crutch worthy of pedestal placement and shitty path walking to touch.

(Fastest motherfucker touching down on kick drums)?

Every leader dead and its making you upset.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom
set, set, set…
Every hero dead and its making you forget.
get, get, get.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom.

Ain’t no time to sit and lift stones
so its left to the dogs to find their way home
and you grew up in a similar generation alone
with fist full of humanoid models along the road
with a frank? in your ancient
fuck if i can find a flesh and bone tour guide to etch me through the makeshift
every little footprints dated and ancient
now Ima step through this motherfucker impatient

for the first time in a long line of dog fights
little Lassy will not be returning home tonight



Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK 11:35 Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Some cats grow by the laws of the wild
Some learn slower and lag in the mud
Some stand up in defense of a style
Some let the big dogs eat them up
At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound
At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st some shit went down

[Aesop Rock]
Now Benny was a New York City graff kingpin
Five Borough fame guaranteed to itch pigskin
Raided near the Brooklyn Naval Yards, juxed an undercover
When they asked him what he pled he said, You’re fuckin’ up my cover!

[Mr. Lif]
Okay, Jose is working in the slaughterhouse
Said he’s living in the hood, but he wants to get his daughter out
Slipped off a ledge, and fell into a machine
Another dead immigrant, that’s the American Dream

[Aesop Rock]
Miss Molly, helpless, made a penny with a data entry temp gig
Overqualified with the rent stick
Red brick bash with a texted green screen
Like, I entered my data right into your screen

[Mr. Lif]
Jane went insane, she’s an anchorwoman
Sick of pushing skewed information
And abusing the nation
Had a few options:
Either jump or run
Critical ways or waving a gun
Time for C-H-A-N-G-E
Held a knife to the VP on TV
She demanded that the format be expanded
Beyond fear, everybody clear, understand it?

[Aesop Rock]
Billy was a coke fiend
[Mr. Lif]
Maggie was a cop
[Aesop Rock]
Like a dope he stole green
[Mr. Lif]
She patroled the block
[Aesop Rock]
Banking off his old scheme
[Mr. Lif]
She recognized his plot
[Aesop Rock]
He thought he was home free
[Mr. Lif]
She knew that he was locked
[Aesop Rock]
Now it’s off to the jail in a blue squad car
[Mr. Lif]
She pocketed the crack before they got far
[Aesop Rock]
Billy watches Maggy from behind steel bars
Like Where the crack went
[Mr. Lif]
I’ma smoke it tomorrah

[Aesop Rock]
They call him Larry Luck
Blackjack, big spender
He was married once
Till he bet her ring finger
Seen him leaving Las Vegas
With a pick up truck, diamond
Forty large, and beautiful wife piece
Less than what he came with
Itched to get rich found nickels in the couch
Hitched back to the casino with in an hour
Said I’m here to make a dollar out of fifteen cents
And was immediately shot to his death over debts

[Mr. Lif]
As Colin died, his mother cried
Then the EMS survived
Said that he could be revived but they lied
Afterlife realized that water from the skies
Washes pain from our eyes so our hopes could rise

[Aesop Rock]
Now, J.J. punch drunk, acts like a dumb fuck
Bum touched girls looking young enough to thumb suck
One saw the light, thought it right to rat him out
Now gets raped by Aryans in the big house (OUCH!)

[Mr. Lif]
Ted did 20 years for rolling some weed
Though he used to snort coke and dabble with speed
Welcome home, homie, here’s a blunt with hash
You know the rules, bitch, take two and pass

Some cats grow by the laws of the wild
Some learn slower and lag in the mud
Some stand up in defense of a style
Some let the big dogs eat them up
At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound
At exactly 11:35pm on Januray 21st some shit went down

[Aesop Rock]
I got one Jack or Jill
Jill won’t, Jack will
Jill didn’t, then did it
Jack fell
No cellophane secrets, b
I guess I sense two felt bumps in the tar
No cell
But hell, you jump the bar so well
Parted your partners veil and dipped
I’m New York harbor
Tale of a sail, ripped sorta
Stuck on purpose for tha love of birthplace
But would have carried you home inside of my teeth anyday
Turns out I wasn’t cast in the master plan anyway
He holds no grudge, holds his tongue, wild
Same one she used to hold in both smiles
[?] instinctual last shout if it killed me
So you can ride up in the sun city guilt-free
One year passed, the table is wobbling and your hollerin’ back
Sippin the fits you skipped when shit cracks
They never missed it
Not a long haul, bullshit, kids kicked into the same
Shoebox with the flicks and lipstick
I’ll love you forever, cuz you know me better
For the record, that one time I would’ve married you in a second
But kill the rekindling dreams and navigate the friendship
Or else by the time the stress wears out we’ll both be dead and friendless



Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Frijoles Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Yeah NASA let’s try this

Park your bets, sharks or jets
These bark mark targets where the barnacles nest
They burrow deep under the carnivores flesh without a trace,
Carnival games, like try to shoot the star out of a space

Come double fist them awkward gats lockbox your passin’
Spoon up the ballooning for high noon saloony antics
Walk off with a thumbs up and a stuffed Bullwinkle trinket
Pull twinkle out them awestruck baby sockets for a day (yeah, that’s the ticket)

Yeah, that’s the pipe dream that hater 101 bitch picks
Living guilt trips for the fan-based family picnics
Whose handshake carry with it
Y’all inspire me, it’s an honor to meet you
Now its randomly fantasy beef stew, thats panicky preschool
That’s peak re-signed Pikachu when he’s pokin’ Pinocchi beezer
Where Big Brother watch me, holler back Wally Cleaver
Knobby-kneed geezer whose brittle paddleboat sank
Wishing he could restitch the images when the kinescope cranked –
He couldn’t. You can’t.
I’m more than two lambs with a Mongoloid loyalty clause
And a done-did-got-busy ambiance
That’s Laserface, Megalasaur, Scissor-tongue, Liftedly, Money Murs Ramble, Printmatic, Hanger, Blockhead and Ravipops
And the fam only begins with the last two bars he dropped
After chrome fangs I’ll rewrite Heavy Metal Parking Lot
That’s why these grapevines can pop shit to me all day,
I only kick these fucking doors down and make sure the crew OK, like
Food on the plate, pat on the back, kicks on the palette
I rock the bells without clown shoes, fried dough, tickets or mallets
While the bearded ladies won goldfish from the ping-pong toss challenge
Who light girls and misconstrued the lucky fuckloaders for talent
It’s sad really… ok, I’m over it –

Smolder over composure models like
Smoke over soldier nostrils
3-D bifocal goggle broke over catwalkers
There must have been something up in that Long Island tap water
Thru the mute wind storm the hoover and his frisky sissy poodle pack
Oozing that hollow oodle-mac act Ace threw back in junior rap –
Isn’t it strange how it’s a fad to bite your idols when the whole reason you liked em’s cuz their shit wasn’t recycled?
Caught pigeonhole Aesop like he ain’t hurtin’, thats no burden
Need attention? Better dress them diversions like stripping nurses
Kid the cult is thick and media’s the sacrificial virgin,
Perching little man behind curtain opinions – this is perfect
I’m just like y’all, living low-pro to paycheck
When the landlord hollers they hid the dro in the tape deck
Rocket radio, every success smidgen he harnessed
Parks with wrist and sick wit it clickin’ in perfect working ratio
What risk he added dodge blame game for sneaky plots
With elevated rung placement derived from deep rooted jealousy issues
They cued a raging bull and every due is paid in full
With that I’ll forget all you motherfucks that fail to pull
Why? well, what’s really good?
Not a catcher peddled backwards for a hacker’s filthy looks
Hodge-podge phenomenon, muppets available in rubber stamp form
Hogwash Harry clamp norm
Wear the space cape baker, order up
Herbert’s pacemaker and vacate personal space in relation to face breaker
Built an Einstein-Rosen bridge to ideate with Lincoln Logs and bobby pins
Probably when Ozzy’s friends slept on the poppy stems
Horseback 60 mph, one hand rollin tobacky badly
But it burns that cavalry of concerned worms for Mayor
But you’ll find validity in a penny –
Right, and I got a clear flick of the Loch Ness sucking off Yeti

With a kneejerk response to his budgetary woes
Use hooky out the institute since huckleberry molds
Styled after the Hermann Rorschach margin mark
Starvin’ art smash see the slashed martyr hark
Trapped in the lap for garter belt
This is sick flash Definitive Jux baby
We like, ‘love it or leave it out your hollerbox now’
Cripple a kitten if a kitten is a culprit
You’re spillin insignificant frijoles


AESOP ROCK The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Get up to get down now
Get up to get down now (like this)
Get up to get down now (like this)
Get up to get down now (alright)
I don’t wanna do it anymore
Couldn’t do it if I tried, wouldn’t do it if I wanted it

I don’t wanna do it anymore
Couldn’t do it if I tried…

[Verse 1]
The moments were subtle but unstolen and guess who owns them
No friendly, non-threatening corporate lacky mucks in the totem
Lucy was in the sky with diamonds
Five dollars to hold them
The summer beneath these Pac-Man’s with acid behind his molars
Little white tab hollering, little white flag waggling
Inorganic pat on back, trim the panic flat on backer
Back to back like Mad Hatter magic
Rabid mastif collaborative
Splatter bachelor fabric fatter with Cabbage Patch lit
(Dark days)
Banded Louie-Louie
(Park blades)
Chemically bent-up but eager to crash for that one, two, three repeater
Good morning Vietnam
Whose couch is this, whose house is this, who are you down with bitch?
I’m sorry, dog, I dreamt the foulest shit
There was this rabid foot talismen drowning out of my armspan
What’s fouler was the other farmhands growing gills and shark fangs
What’s fouler was my torso stripped to ribbons in the marshlands
But I’m up now
Let’s get this window pane and shut the fuck down
Down by the river where the litter sits
And lionheart critters smoke dope and act like illiterates
I ran with a brat pack of loose bolts and high social maladjusties
Sacred, numb, and boundless went to same proto called cookie
Well, I was dummy to some when my tongue was cradled and my skin looks crazy
Pocketbook mirror, courtesy Amy
Spiders in the mattress, paisley sunglasses, dialing eyes green
Ice grill that could burn through your picture-in-picture widescreen
Poison late late show starring Aes and his jigsaw face
Twelve hour solid gold entertainment
Other shit to sell from other ships that sell they DD paper
(Space Invader)
This one’s for the labor days worked for rent and rolling papers
Only the illest beats leak asbsurdly out the boombox
The daytripper anthem goes: Wake. Drop. Walk to Aquarium.
Whistle while you work like a canary lung
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy to carry drugs
I sorta see it as my last flash summer
Skateboards and sloppy psychedelics and big numbers
Good times, good people
All airbrushed on a collapsible easel
Peace man, easy

And I knew the permanancy would drift
And I knew the ph balance wasn’t right
And I knew the crash and burn, how to caress it
L.S.D. flashed the message
And I knew the gash wasn’t gonna stop bleeding
And I knew the ph balance wasn’t right
And I knew how September would then affect it

[Verse 2]
Lazy summer days
Like some decrepit landshark dumbluck squad dog lurks sicker, deluded
Last sturdy domino leans secluded
Don’t let stupid delusions lesson super-duty labor students
Dragnet lifer solutions
Daddy loves sloppy dimensions like son-daughter links
Such determinated leopards, successfully disshelved
Little soliders developed like serpents despite life sentence ducking lemmings
Some don’t like sobriety’s dirty lenses
Some do let sleeping dogs lie still
Don’t look so damn lackluster
Suck defeat
Love some damage, load sample delete
Late Show, Dave Letterman, shitty diner lip-slide dutch
Low self-discipline leader seek that lung self-destruct
Life sucks dickhead
Lost summer’s display laminate showcasing divinity
Live system definitive
Liturgy soaked the pig lowly, spectactular delight
Why, what kind of L.S.D. you like?
Your lizard king has spoken (all hail)
You in the back, get them up, those trails are necessarily bumped
Some’ll try and recapture the same flag
But I played it smart and recognized the summertime passed



AESOP ROCK Babies With Guns

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Babies With Guns Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Radio check check
Video check check
This is how the city-folk and mole-people connect-nect
Somebody warped the message, tried to pass it to the next next
Data-perforated counties making you upset-set

Harvest all Brand-X Clark Kents to worm food
Carbon heart, buried his nozzle in fossil marker art
Pardon, cadaver had a legitimate pulse
And littered volts all over the village where the skittish pigeons molt
Bastard polter-gasps when the pigeon with Lazarus billy-goat whiskers
He roasted sea-salt in the open blisters
But blind anarchy slips through the cracks
See naked martyrs with Bubblelicious on fishing rods itching to pull it back
With that organic invention incubated to have some [?] to make it through
[?] on paper now, a lot of details later
And lot of crews will taper out
A wooly mayor souse, who [?] happy shooting at the bladed mouth
Bazooka Tooth zoo-keep the paper route with janky funds and favors
Cradled by twelve empty Zelda heart containers
Man, it’s freezing in this brick bitch, winter forever
Like Punxatawny Phil found with his four furry wrists severed
I walk face-first through the sex, drugs, and church
With wild things that make Maurice Sendak question his early works
But no hostages, no promises
Out the clock corporate constant sprockets
Now clocked-off grommets
Running from a rabid ring-wraith click basilisk
Serpentine, in and out of traffic jam and murder scenes
Scrub blood of the AF-152, pick up first degrees
Some toddlers smuggled Tommy guns and crack into the nurseries
Dog, there’s a fucking baby at the door asking for wallets (yeah?)
And those ain’t twin Beanie Babies inside his pockets (nope!)
2010 sonograms showed the Magnum formed directly out the fetus
Evolution for the young killer convenience

Radio check check
Video check check
This is how the city-folk and mole-people connect-nect
Somebody warped the message, tried to pass it to the next next
Data-perforated counties making you upset-set

Magazine check check
Paper route check check
This is how the hermit and the busy bee connect-nect
Somebody’s losing track of their flesh-and-bloods and arrests-rests
Polka-dotted landscapes, what did you expect-pect?

Now a-days, even the babies got guns
Diaper snipers having clock-tower fun
Misplace the bottle, might catch a bad one
Have a mid-life crisis when you’re ten years young

If this Jesus piece around your neck is bigger than your pistol
It makes homicide okie-dokie and your god will forgive you
Just show the saints at Heaven’s gate you should be on the list
I heard he overlooks manslaughter for a tattooed crucifix
Twisty, fishy, contradicty, wild animal ship fleet
Off the sliding board dock of the Mr. Turtle pool mom bought
Somewhere they laminate dry bones and cool water and ease medulla
After you thumb-suck and diaper-change get burped and shoot the school up
I’d do it too, but only to exploit no-brainers
Teenager beef passed alligator teeth and extra-curricular flagpole scrapping
Amongst tadpoles that have yellow backbones
De-mechanism brought airborne shrapnel scraps to hassle captains
By the itchy index of an umbilically-garped fraggle baby
Fragile maybe, you think?
Chopped shop and a mislead, maladjustee trustee locked box
Hiding clips that light the sky in seconds
like newly communal hop-scotch gives them leverage
Cut them with mortars while I mumble
in the immortal slang of mushmouth for the anti-led Nirvana
I used to think I’d get hit by a bus or something dumb and dumber
That or bust the slugs plugged by the newest kiddie thug wonder
Self-victim kings who rep a wide pride dosage
For tomorrow the holsters are bound to outnumber the roaches
I’m not a coach
But that won’t even jolt the immobile
when global terrorism’s all the rage and folk get smoked local
Block, if you need me (yeah?)
I had to bounce to DC (yeah?)
To bullet-proof mom’s flower garden before the war cheats me (yeah?)
If I’m not back in a week tell the crew I said peace and lay low
Strays don’t vacate slow

Radio check check
Video check check
This is how the city-folk and mole-people connect-nect
Somebody warped the message, tried to pass it to the next next
Data-perforated counties making you upset-set

Magazine check check
New flash check check
This is how the hermit and the busy bee connect-nect
Somebody’s losing track of their flesh-and-bloods and arrests-rests
Polka-dotted landscapes, what did you expect-pect?

Now a-days, even the babies got guns
Diaper snipers having clock-tower fun
Misplace the bottle, might catch a bad one
Have a mid-life crisis when you’re ten years young

Aboard the battleship grey sky
The day I got the phone call Jam Master Jay died
So now I’ll probably never write another Daylight
Because the stingers [?] into the portable hay-rides
It adds it up when a pioneer fall, in comparison to your 99 bottle of beer wall
There’s banana peels in your hamster wheels, hand cannons in your shoebox, please
Mine’s got Adidas, rest in peace


AESOP ROCK We’re Famous

Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK We’re Famous Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

I brought that genuine shit in ’96
Before you knew the underground or independent existed
I watched the whole scene straight jump on the dick
After stepping to KCR lit and flexing my shit
No gun talk, no gimmicks, just rounds of raw-dogging
Dirty dusty intelligent wit and word murdering
A hardcore poetic informed without burglary
Potent and shook the shit out of rappers who just learned of me
Everytime I prescribe a new pill, revolution
Quickly defined the standard for indie rap distribution
Arrogant unafraid shit developed riding a train thinking of brain fucks
Bad Touch Example that soon became bucks
Had everybody sprung wondering where I came from
Screaming out Independent as fuck with an insane tongue
With an indelible squad of design monsters
Innovating the styles that made biters look like imposters
So we scripted an album and signed to Rawkus
Selling a hundred thousand without a radio chart hit
Imposterous sonics taking the world hostage
Classic hip-hop bombage dirty with style progress
Now I’ve come from the ’80s juvenile Brooklyn
Where cats was like: Gimme that subway pass, kid. Good lookin.
Now someone else is taking a ride with what’s mine
So I had to develop styles with a death device cooked in
So when I battled in basements I had eight sentences
Waiting way before the four you had laced in
And I was taught to wait patient (Why?)
Only faggots make shit up just to get famous
So when I finally blew up I remained sick
Earning respect in ghettos and ‘burbs for word placement
Back when the independent scene remained faceless
We were the only crew who promised your ass we’d take it
Mold it, shape it, living outside the matrix
Hold it, make it, more than miniature major labels
Hold it sacred, living it for the culture
Told ya plainly, protected it from the vultures
That’s why I always get respect from true soldiers
While half of the critics claim it every year: Hip hop’s over.
FUCK YOU, hip hop just started
It’s funny how the most nostalgic cats are the ones who were never part of it
But true veterans’ll give dap to those who started it
Then humbly move the fuck on and come with that new retarded shit
New slang, new thought, new sound
Who’s heart you thought you had?
You clown, you don’t, you drown
I won’t dumb it down, I’m dumbing now for these rounds
I’m a live mothefucker plus I’m gunning for clowns
You’re mine motherfucker, don’t be coming for pounds
So you can break out of that invisible box, you’re not down
My favorite ones are the ones who started that young rap about
Comic books, spaceships, and Obi-Quan one
And even though they were soft they had fun
But they couldn’t break out the frame of the town they came from
Some of these faggots used to send me their demos
I’m keeping their puppy styles in the Company Flow kennels
But since they had no identity from the start
They started to resent the scene when they couldn’t become a part
They’ve been failing for years and call themselves Vets, that’s bold
Motherfucker, you’re not a Vet you’re just old
I’ll slap the shit out of you to continue my nerve racket
Making this money fist over fist, fuck what you heard
Jukie cats talk about boom bap and golden ages
Patting themselves on the back for making that new outdated shit
I’ve been putting out vinyl since ’93 and never looked back once
And ya’ll trying to chase me
You don’t innovate because you can’t innovate
It’s not a choice despite what you might tell your boys
Keep your identity crisis under the table
I always knew who I was and I’ll always be more famous

[Aesop Rock]
Check it
For the best in the vendor biz
Leave the last CE-Offer crabs and buy them Hatorade
Dig it, daddy dug his own tunnel under the gutters where the numbers bleed
Hunters froze up and exposed Rapunzel weeds
Tugboat, tug up through that brutal dirt first
The fuedals fuming oodles, it was right under your poodle skirt
Welcome to Bazooka Works, halogen halo eyesore
The revolution will not be apologized for
Warbucks exlex megaphone on the fashion piggy pageant
While my dick’s raw-dogging a style magnet
Fraggle rock your four figure watch
I clock ninety-nine cent wristbands
And still know the time when you record flops
Now this is on a sick with it factor
Exhibit A, E, F, Genesis of the klepto reactor
Wanna burgle the buzz over definitive cash
After a life of labor camps starts paying innovators back
Baby, you ain’t felt the collective? (Coooool)
Stop running bases with little bears under the wing of punchdrunk butter makers
That engine sputters while the hound dogs wire cutter mechanical rabbit
Bantam weight puppies ain’t rabid enough to snatch him
Pockmark ninety Moses approach with a golden focal point
Come soak in it, resume sturdy composer soldier bliss
Wrong name by a molar can often expose your phobias
Watch a cobra grow hands to hold his own tongue when he notices
All city legity critter, bark with me
All filthy documents, cats piss on their kittie litter moccasins
Welcome to mi casa, Monsters Inc, dropping bangers out the rocket ships
Your own private apocalypse

Honor it

[Aesop Rock]
For fuck’s sake


[Aesop Rock]
Wild fly
You wanna read the nile?
I twitch easy reader

Father it

[Aesop Rock]
I will, dog


[Aesop Rock]
Wide open with banged out cutlery from a slang mouth teacher
And money is an ugly god we all fall for
I got land mammal, cannibal, natural evolving squawk box
That means when I wake up and decide to comprise the new shit
It’s not some watered down version of what my favorite crews did
Puff the magic komodo bitch
Rappers stuffed komonos and shark fame at a perfect working unit
Look, I’m done
B-boy, feed that to the needy
Shut your liquor hole, fuck you in 3D



Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Freeze Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

It goes welcome the pop off, some pop soft. We bang b-bang b-bang bang out loud. Ready on the left with a face full of death. We slanged out fang mouth bang out now.

This is a never dug disco, Zoo York tycoon, memorandum bonanza banter clamp crunk out the fish bowl. Gorgeous how struggling gills wriggle out water, ain’t it? Same scape as the walls crawling with paranoia’s plaintiffs. The robo-komodo promo Zen patience a-alike to this jittery drooling mess. Bitterly unruly on mud hugger alert, he usher dirt to the kick circus. Deflected labor ethic questions peeled at the field workers. Is it raw? Please… does a priest need a ten-foot pole to baptize little Linus minus the lap ride and tease? Evolution is a leader depleter, seeker needy sheep idol feeder beware, once complete you might not want to be there. Dead straw to gold bar spin fiber. Lost and fond in a smitten kitten’s incisors. They Aphrodite all over the burgle of a purple heart compartment. Marched a burgundy carpet alarmed and far to parched to bark it. Lil’ Abner. A real firecracker. Grows to throw ‘bows with vehicular hijackers. To eavesdrop plots cops hired a wire tapper. That’s a whipper snapper trapped beneath my grip on the fire ladder. Took drums over to deril’ to once over the line tones. Punch toothy ticks ’til they find homes like three ruby clicks. The roof is on fire where snoopy sits right now. You should have shot yourself in the foot when it was in your mouth.

Thieves in the strobe deep freeze your pose. For the disease that grows underneath your toes holds up a reason y’alls gold never seems to glow. Now we can all breath slow once the fiend’s exposed. It goes heave ho. You never got the grit right. Bark fame but you never put the grit down. Hawk styles but you never got the grit right. Put the grit down. Grit right. Get down.

This is a never dug disco defamation of dog and pony grappled out chincey, chipping Leo Da Vinci phonies pushing kill of hill bloated. Nobody got you. While biggest brother’s watching bigger brother watching big brother watch you. Nothing says circus fun quite like nuclear holocaust over breakfast on the terrace. Hash browns and peril. Old ironsides or good ship lolli-popper, Davy Jones still got a locker, ak, the opera’s more than docs and soccer moms. Now before you kick your feet up, I married and divorced mother nature after sweet-talking that old hag out of a pre-nup. This information’s neither braggadocio nor secret, just know as of now the world is technically not yours, peanut. It’s a day in the life of the carnie dog-faced boy escapist. Living large, watching Springer, smoking beedies wrapped in bacon. At night his get busy disease leakage peaketh. Merk the he say/she say, BK Jesus turn peg legs to Adidas on the down stroke. And they like ‘what’s up with the name?’ I tell’em y’all made Bazooka Tooth I’s about to ask the same. But before you curfew the city and shut down every block, I’d like to say I still Aesop the fuck out of the Rock


This is a never dug disco. Spread feelers. Tonka zonk Gepetto bred beezers. Jeepers, gee wilikers, goshes galoshes, Christ, god almighty. They tore his limbs off kilter, still the hostage moshes slightly. Hung off the balcony by the skin off his doctor’s psyche. He hopes it holds but knows the locusts kamikaze nightly. He woke, corroded buggy facial, insect chopper biting. He’s only bones by the time the ungodly body’s sighted. He saw the puddle, full color hideous monster Viking. He used to survey if the vermin dined on others like him. He found the fucks indigenous to him and awfully feisty. He grew old awkward grinch and settled into bonkers nicely. I alert vital spider works to cultivate grit, ship the bulk rate shit. Herbie the love bug drugs pulsate whips. Tie in spite for commoner idiocy and good old-fashioned biblical plague. We move units off your pagan escapade. And it’s pits to the peg legged. Megas eclipse cripples so that pimp limp’s wheel chair basketball when 15 minutes fizzles. Your flimsy frame marks hip-hop’s second most tragic event and will ’til Jam Master Jay’s resurrection and second death.




Welcome to todoinformaticautil Lyrics AESOP ROCK Cook It Up Lyrics, singer by AESOP ROCK

Cook it up, Spooky, Salute, Look
‘Zook’ll hook it up to shoop the local Wendy Cooper loopy
Low brow, low brim, she asked me, What’s the name?
I flashed the grossest fang in show biz
Young Valkyrie’s open, What’s yours?
Um, Jenny, um…
body clocked in a ten-penny sum
Sprung colossal, miss, may I process your Pentium?
But Ae is hesitating, My princess,
The pigeon holing roles that your predecessor’s lunacy in the kismet
Her eyes googled back as that of one unfortunate breed
Plus a new kink in the posture
Just don’t get all barnacley
Or Get P.T. Barnumed in 3D THX sound stereo dismissal
Sorry hun, it’s just the last few have been a fistful
Like, like, them girls you bump into out dumb luck
get high innocently kiss once when she’s punch drunk
Watch her misinterpret the moment tongues touch
Crazy Miss Cling-a-lot claim instant one love
And you gotta beg your friends to take ’em off your hands like thumbcuffs
Or them barbies you’ll vibe for a sexy second (lovely)
Give it a month Hyde Heckles Jekyl and she makes Hitler look cuddly
But Jenny in the sky with emerald eyes
You’re so different, so delicious, so the fish
I’d be willing to walk the limb with!
So let’s just get a few things out the way: (okay)
I’m clinically bonkers and hate just about everyone God’s great earth offers
I won’t be getting dressed up to impress your family, dear
And if I can’t wear jeans and sneakers then I won’t be lamping there
Nope, aggro-pimp, sinfully, finicky nova, back it up no-diggity soldier
Magic-touch fingertip donor
Own up to your dirty debutant animalistic instincts
Ritual courting dance and breeding behaviours (like what?)
Like, I dream of Jeannie and fucking her obscenely
But Jenny could be Jeannie so easily if you’d let me
Hell, the bad tact daddy-o Merlin– ‘e’ for effort
Most of these high-post Fabio world motherfucks make my head hurt
Dead up– I got death in the skull but you’ll get used to it ma
Dinner and cinema, yes, just cough the bread up
Sure, he schleps with naked pockets but I carry dreams
Like I wanna be an astronaut after you marry me
You’re rushing this I feel smothered it’s crowding me awfully, dolly
I love you, Get the fuck off me! Sorry. (Call me)
And I’m circling her like a tiger shark frenzied but friendly
I’m cool, how you feeling Jenny? (Jenny) Jenny (Jenny) Jenny
So quiet, ooh I like that, so mysterious, I dig it
The way you haven’t made eye contact with me once in ten minutes
I’m just saying girl, I’m dirty-dog raw vintage mixed with mega-low society
Mister gutter-fuck etiquette, try me
So there it is.. game. I mean it’s not like I’m sweating you
‘Cause when it comes down to it, most y’all females are the same
But now it’s your turn baby, spit it out
Okay, she punched me dead in the fuckin mouth and walked away

Watch out ladies cause you know he don’t love ya
Bazooka Tooth is one bad motherfucker
He’s a low life pimp with a low life game
He needs a no life dame with a strobe light frame

Cook it up now..

No ring on the finger
There ain’t no strings attached
But if you love television and
manic depression
Get a carton of cigarettes
And we can make it happen
Get to mackin’
Just leave your bag up on the curb with the trashcan
It ain’t like I seen you in maxim
Relax with the tap dance
Lights, camera, lap dance

Cook it up now..